Bodyshop Emissions Program

Our Bodyshop chooses to use Glasurit 90 LINE, the world?s #1 waterborne paint which means your car will receive the best possible finish, and now with the best possible result for the environment through the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program.

Why are we part of the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program?

The use of solvent based paints within the Bodyshop industry has long been one of the contributors towards solvent emissions. As emissions become more of a concern for the automotive industry and local communities, Glasurit has decided to take a proactive approach to reduce these paint emissions with a number of environmentally friendly initiatives. Firstly, solvent based paints release emissions which evaporate into the atmosphere, causing air pollution. The use of Glasurit 90 LINE waterborne products in our Bodyshop contributes towards improving air quality by releasing significantly fewer emissions which do not have a detrimental effect on air quality. In addition they foster a cleaner, greener environment for the local community and for our staff working within the Bodyshop. Not only are we using more environmentally friendly products, we are also a member of the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program. In proud partnership with one of the leading not-forprofit greenhouse gas emission reduction organisations, Carbon Neutral Australia, the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program helps us turn our remaining greenhouse gas emissions from the painting process into trees

Why plant trees?

Planting trees is an effective way to absorb carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon Neutral Australia plants hundreds of thousands of native trees each year in environmentally vulnerable areas. To date Carbon Neutral Australia has planted almost 3 million trees in Australia. Planting native trees to restore forest cover in degraded areas and link up remnant bush can help address a range of environmental issues, including climate change. Trees reduce the amount of CO2 (a key greenhouse gas) in the world?s atmosphere acting as a carbon sink. Trees sequester CO2 and store the carbon in their leaves, branches, stems, bark and roots. Trees provide many other benefits over time which may include:

? providing habitat for wildlife
? increasing atmospheric oxygen
? assisting with prevention of soil and wind erosion
? assisting with prevention of water logging and salinity
? providing wind breaks & shade
? restoring and protecting biodiversity

Tree planting by Carbon Neutral Australia is completed under strict guidelines to ensure it is as effective as possible.

? Sites are prepared to industry best practice standards to promote maximum health, vigour and survival of seedlings. Legal agreements are registered on the title to protect the trees for 100 years. No carbon will be measured or traded from these sites.
? Species are selected according to soil type and local climate and include a range of native trees, shrubs and understory. In most cases 10-40 different species will be established through either direct seeding and/or planting seedlings. Seedlings are raised for Carbon Neutral Austraia by regional accredited nurseries near the planting sites and/ or seed collected from near the site.
? Trees and seed are planted after rainfall in early winter. It may take up to two years from site selection to establish the planting/s.
? Consideration is given to maximise the environmental outcomes by coordinating sites within the same catchment boundaries. Carbon Neutral Australia works with Land Conservation District Committees, Landcare Officers, Regional Catchment Councils and NRM Officers.

Who is Carbon Neutral Australia? Carbon Neutral Australia is a not-for-profit company working with hundreds of organisations to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and implement revegetation projects. Established in 2001 by Men of the Trees, Carbon Neutral provides many services aiming to reduce and offset greenhouse emissions, provide environmental awareness and support revegetation. Services include carbon reduction programs, carbon consultancy services, carbon calculators, information on climate change, the provision of accredited carbon offsets, carbon sink establishment as well as revegetation projects, seminars, workshops and staff surveys. Carbon Neutral Australia has clients from all over Australia and also overseas, including individuals, households, businesses of all sizes including large multi-national companies, utilities, mining companies, government bodies, local government and community organisations. * For more information, please visit the Glasurit website:

How does the Glasurit Emissions Program work?

Our Bodyshop has made a contribution to Carbon Neutral Australia, based on our output levels.*

These contributions are then invested into the Carbon Neutral Australia tree planting program which helps sequester greenhouse gases caused by solvent emissions.

Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program